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A free multithreaded CVS client with Mac OS look and feel. It shows your sandbox in an intuitive hierarchical list view so that you are aware of every file's status anytime. File logs are shown in hierarchical log views with quick access to file content diffs. Enhanced file annotations show related commit log messages. File differences and change conflicts are shown in special colour coded views. The add/import preview helps to avoid file corruption when adding new items to a repository.

Use MacCVSClient to manage your files' revision history in software development, web design, etc.

If you work with resource fork files, consider the RBL storage format. It stores Mac OS resource forks as diff'able and mergeable text files on CVS servers.

Classic (PPC + 68K) — To run MacCVSClient on your Classic Mac, you need the Thread Manager extension which is compatible with System 7.1 and later and built into System 7.5 and later. Long file names are supported on systems from Mac OS 9 onwards.
Mac OS X — The Mac OS X (Mach-O) version of MacCVSClient has additional features. Built-in Support for SSH: Use your configured SSH right out of the box. Just select an SSH (version 1 or 2) login method. Local Repository Access: If all you need is local CVS, just create a local CVS repository and use the "local" login method.

Screenshots: sandbox window, sandbox inspector window, log window, annotation window, diff window, conflict window, import preview window.

version 1.10
doc + info
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How to Install
Change Log

SSH (Classic)


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