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  Frequently Asked Questions
  ... and even a few answers. More to come!
  1. Why does MacCVSClient seem to update files when I run a diff?
  2. Why does MacCVSClient seem to run a diff immediately after some updates?
  3. Why doesn't MacCVSClient show me diffs of binary files?
  4. Why can't I commit a file that I edited?
  5. Why doesn't the 'Test' button in the login profiles respond immediately?
  6. Why is there no progress bar while CVS operations are under way?
  7. Why can't MacCVSClient open a sandbox checked out with other CVS tools?
  8. Why doesn't command line CVS recognize a sandbox that has been checked out with MacCVSClient?
  9. Why does the List Modules command not show anything from my non-empty repository?
  10. Why does the commit dialog not remember the comment text?
  11. Why do I sometimes get an error -47 when I try to commit or update a file?
  1. How can I check out a module on a branch?
  2. How does MacCVSClient lock files?
  3. How can I easily collapse all folders in a sandbox window?
  4. How can I quickly open a file's sandbox?
  1. Are commits atomic in MacCVSClient?
  2. Does MacCVSClient read my .cvswrappers file?
  3. My repository has changed location (server, file system, etc.) — can I change my sandbox without doing a check-out again?
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