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If you like the application, are pleased with user support helping you out or just want to sponsor new development and maintenance of the lot, there are various ways you can get donations over to us — if you wish.

  We gave!
The We gave! series of T-shirts, mugs, mousepads and more are available priced at US$ 50 and US$ 200. These prices obviously do not represent the value of the object you buy but rather how much of a donation you want to make.

Heilan' Coo

The Heilan' Coo signature series of T-shirts, mugs and mousepads are different. If you just like the coo logo, go for one of these. They're cheaper than the "We gave!" stuff, somewhat less nerdy and possibly altogether a tad more cheerful.


Don't like merchandise but want to donate anyway? Why not donate through PayPal ? You can either pay with your credit card (you don't need a PayPal account for this) or directly from your PayPal account (if you have one). Just click the Heilan' Coo on the left to make a donation!

Pay a Feature

  Got a special feature you'd really like to see soon? Want to make a donation to Open Source Freeware development? Email us and let's discuss it.



We all owe a lot to the folks at Fontworks Ltd., Hong Kong, who made the GPLing of the initial MacCVSClient possible. It all started off as an in-house tool there.

More thanks goes to:

  • Hotdispatch Inc. for sponsoring part of version 1.6,
  • Ben Supnik who contributed scroll wheel support for the Carbon version,
  • the people of NET at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland for sponsoring part of version 1.8.1,
  • Type A Multimedia Network, Chicago, IL, for sponsoring CVS Edit/Watch functionality in version 1.9,
  • and last not least everybody who came back with questions, suggestions, or bug reports.

Without all of you, MacCVSClient wouldn't be what it is today.

Rev. 1.10 LegalCopyright © 2004 Jörg Bullmann