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  How to Install MacCVSClient
  What to Download

On the MacCVSClient home page you can find binary packages for carbonized PowerPC, classic PowerPC, and 68K based Macs. If you are purely interested in using MacCVSClient, you should pick the pre-built application matching your system hard- and software. I recommend the

  • carbonized Mach-O PowerPC version ("X") for Mac OS X only, the
  • classic PowerPC version ("PPC") for PowerPC machines running pre Mac OS X systems, and the
  • 68K version ("68K") only for really old (i.e. 68K based) machines.

A full source package is available as well. If you want to experiment, study the code, adapt MacCVSClient to your personal needs, fix bugs, contribute to the MacCVSClient project or the like, you need to get the sources so you can build MacCVSClient yourself.

In addition to the application package itself, you might want to download the documentation, consisting of User Guide and FAQ.

  Installing the Application

OK. So you just want to use MacCVSClient. You are not interested in technical internals but need to access a CVS server from your Mac and want to get there as fast as possible. Then you are right here.

Installation is very simple. You

  1. download the application binary suitable for your platform,
  2. unpack it and
  3. move it to wherever you keep your utilities, tools or applications.

MacCVSClient does not depend on living in a special place. When you run it, it will create a preferences file called "MacCVSClient" in your preferences folder.

You are all set now — just start the application. To be able to fully use MacCVSClient, you now have to enter information for at least one login profile in MacCVSClient's preferences. You might need to check with your CVS server administrator, general system administrator, or knowledgable colleagues for some of the site dependent settings.

  Building it Yourself

To compile MacCVSClient yourself, you need Metrowerks Codewarrior Pro 6 for the 68K version, Pro 7 for the classic PPC version and Pro 8 for the Mach-O OS X target.

For the 68K and Classic PPC versions, you also need a copy of the MercutioMDEF SDK. I used versions 1.3.4 and 1.5.2 and both seem to work OK. You can download it from the MercutioMDEF web site. After installing the Mercutio MDEF SDK, don't forget to update the access paths in MacCVSClient's CodeWarrior IDE project settings panel.

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