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  The Annotation Window

This is a description of the MacCVSClient annotation window.

Layout of the Annotation Window

The annotation window consists of

  • the window header containing file information and highlighting controls
  • the info area containing annotation information for each line of the file
  • the content area containing the file content line by line
  • the commit log area containing the commit log messages of selected lines of the info/content areas

[Enlarged Screenshot]

Highlighting Annotation Lines

The lines in the content and info area can be highlighted using the highlight controls in the window header. Select the highlight mode in the popup menu and enter the highlight argument in the text field and the matching lines will be drawn in black text while non-matching lines will be drawn in grey.

The first and last highlighted lines in an annotation are marked with an F and L respectively on the left hand edge of the info area (see B in the screenshot above).

Available highlight modes are

  • all, none
  • user, users other than
  • <, <=, =, >=, > for revisions
  • <, <=, =, >=, > for dates
Viewing Related Commit Log Messages

To view the commit log message for a line of the file, click on the line in the "Revision", "User" or "Date" column. The revision number of the line (and all other lines in the file sharing the same revision number) will be displayed in inverted text and the commit log for that revision of the file will be shown in the commit log area (see A in the screenshot above).


To easily link commit log message selection and highlighting, OPTION-click into the info columns.

In addition to showing the clicked line's commit log message, OPTION-clicking into the

Revision Column
highlights all annotation lines with the same revision number as the clicked one,
User Column
highlights all annotation lines with the same user (committer) as the clicked one,
Date Column
highlights all annotation lines with the same date as the clicked one.
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