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  The Log Window

This is a description of the MacCVSClient log window.

Layout of the Log Window

The log window consists of

  • the window header containing file information and diff command controls
  • the log area itself, containing log information


The log area shows the CVS log in a hierarchical text view. To expose or hide parts of the hierarchy, click the exposure triangle on the left hand side. Holding down the OPTION key while clicking the exposure triangle will recursively expose or hide the whole sub-hierarchy pointed to by the clicked triangle.

Revisions are sorted back to front and revisions on a branch are hierarchically grouped as sub-revisions to their branch roots.

Running CVS Diff from the Log Window
  The log window contains all (or the filtered by e.g. user or date) revisions and commit log messages. If you would like to see the file content diff related to a commit you see in the log, there is a quick way to trigger the CVS diff command directly from the log window.

To select the revision identifiers involved in the change, just hold down the OPTION-key and drag the revision number from the log area to the diff revision fields in the window header area.

Alternatively you OPTION-click the revision indentifiers and then press the "From:" or "To:" button in the window header area.

To swap "To:" and "From:" revisions, press the "Swap" button.

Now you either select "Diff" from the "Sandbox" or contextual menu or press the "Diff" button in the window header area. The CVS diff command will be executed and after its completion you can view the diff content using the "View Diff" command in the "Info" or contextual menu.

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