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  Why can't I commit a file that I have edited?

The situation is this: you have a file that is locally modified and displayed in red in the module window.

You now try to commit that file: you select it, commit it, and after that you notice that the file is still locally modified and displayed in red. Also the file's local revision has not changed.

What happened?

The file does not differ from its base revision (the revision this file was last updated to) in the repository and CVS thus refuses to accept it as a new revision. You probably changed the file and then reverted your changes so that effectively only the file's time stamp has changed but not the content itself.

And now what?

Just select the file and run the "Sandbox/Update" command on it. It should then be up to date again (and displayed in normal black colour in the module window).

Alternatively you can run the "Sandbox/Status..." command on it. Make sure you check-mark the "compare local file content to repository to determine modified status" option in the status dialog.

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