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  Incremental Search

The text search function in MacCVSClient is implemented different from that in most Mac applications. The fact that apart from the Comment Window, all other MacCVSClient windows are read-only suggests that any text "typed into" these windows can be interpreted as text to be searched for.

So I implemented an incremental search engine that works like GNU Emacs' search.

  How to Search

The default search direction is forwards. To toggle between backward and forward search, use the "Edit/Search Backwards" menu item (short cut COMMAND-B).

Searching for a string is very easy. Just select the window you want to search. Then start typing the string. Alternatively, you can start the search by "pasting" text ("Edit/Paste" or COMMAND-V). In this case, the "pasted" text is searched for.

A third way to initiate the search in log/diff/conflict windows is to select some portion of text with the mouse. That selection then is used as base for the search. This way, you e.g. can select text and use COMMAND-UP/DOWN (as explained below) to look for other occurrences of it.

Press the DELETE key to delete the last character of the search string. The search will then jump back to the first text position the shortened search string was found at.

To stop the search and clear the search string, press the ESCAPE key or click the mouse.


In the console window or a log/diff/conflict window, forward search starts at the topmost text line currently visible in the active window. When searching backwards, the search starts at the bottom line currently visible in the active window. The found text is highlighted.

When searching in the module window, search starts at the first entry in the module list view in case of forward search, otherwise at the last line in the module list. The keyed in search text is displayed on the bottom border of the module window to the left of the horizontal scroll bar.

Use COMMAND-UP/DOWN or COMMAND-LEFT/RIGHT keys to jump between the different occurrences of your search string. Here, COMMAND-UP/DOWN don't search the same line but immediatley skip to previous/next line. COMMAND-LEFT/RIGHT try to find in the current line first and skip to the previous/next line only if necessary.

The incremental search works in the console window, module windows, conflict windows, log windows, diff, and add/import preview windows.

When searching in diff or conflict windows the selection is changed during the search process.

In module windows, search is case insensitive as the Mac's file and folder names are case insensitive. In all other searchable windows, search is case sensitive.

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