9 August 2005:
MacCVSClient 1.10 released.


The Coo Explained — Heilan' Coo? What's all this about then? Want to know? — Go!

MacCVSClient 1.10 — A free multithreaded CVS client with Mac OS look and feel. Use MacCVSClient to manage your files' revision history in software development, web design, etc. — Go!

Heilan' Coo Geekware — Want to wear the coo on your back? Want to drink your tea out of a coo mug? Want your mouse to crawl a coo mousepad? We got it all. — Go!
[And if there is something you want but don't find in the store, let us know and we see what we can do.]

There's always time for a nice mug of tea!
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